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All Travelers to Somaliland should know Somaliland Immigration regulation has been changed, you can no longer get a Visa to enter Somaliland at arrival port (Sea, Land or Airport). You must get a Visa before arriving Somaliland from any of the Somaliland Missions. There are missions in Ethiopia, DJibouti, Kenya, UAE, United Kingdum, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, France, Canada, and United States.

For US citizens please follow these instructions:

1 - Send email request to receive application form to this email addrss []

2 - Complete the application form including attaching color picture in the designated area for the picture.

3 -There is a processing fee of $80 dollars per adult person. Children under 17 years old are free.

4 - Mail your passport, completed application form including picture, check or money order for $80 to this address:

                Somaliland Mission
                6019 Tower ct
                Alexandria, VA 22304

We'll mail the stamped passport back to you within 5 business days. We use standard [Priority USP mail]. You can send email to for questions or you can call us at 703-370-1423.

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