Somaliland: “Britain Must Recognize Somaliland” EU MP Godfrey Bloom

MP Bloom (C) after award in shefieldMP Bloom (C) after award in shefield


SHEFIELD (Somalilandsun) – British Somalilanders have honoured a member of the European parliament for continued support to the international recognition of their mother Somaliland as a sovereign country.

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Statement from the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator on the occasion of his first official visit to Somaliland

 – "A key priority for the United Nations to better respond to local needs is enhancing collaboration with Somaliland authorities," United Nations Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator Philippe Lazzarini said during his first official visit to Somaliland today

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Somaliland:Officer in Charge of Mandera Prison Fired after Inmate Dies under Mysterious circumstances

The commanding officer in charge of Mandera prison was relieved of his duties after the one prisoner serving a sentence of unspecified years died inside the high security jail under mysterious circumstances two days ago.

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State will never allow flouting of constitution- President

The state has emphatically said not to any individual or groups of individuals whatsoever who are bent on or are out to cause breach of peace hence stir up the cherished stability.

The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo was categorical that despite the fact that the state practiced tolerant “it would not allow the flouting of the constitution the land”.

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Somaliland Entry Visa


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Somaliland's Trade Regulations

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is the custodian of trade policies and regulations. The government promotes an open trade policy for both local and foreign investors.Read more

Somaliland Fisheries

Somaliland’s long shores of 850 kilometres are rich in fisheries resources. The oceanographic conditions in Somaliland coast are strongly influenced by the seasonal monsoon winds and a system of currents in the three bodies of waters Read More

Somaliland Crop Farming

Crop farming is currently the second most important economic activity in the country, after livestock, with up to 20-25% of the population depending on it for their livelihoods.Read more

Somaliland Economy

The economy of Somaliland mainly depends on livestock production. The sector has historically and culturally been the mainstay of livelihood for the majority of the people.Read more

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